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California is a beautiful state to film trains as there are great places along the beach and inland with palm trees and of course the large number of trains that operate in the state. In this video you will see some shots taken onboard Amtrak's Southwest Chief, Amtrak Pacific Surfliner trains, San Diego's Coaster Train, San Diego's trolley system, Los Angeles's Metrolink, BNSF, and Union Pacific. A majority of the location are downtown San Diego, Del Mar, Los Angeles Union Station, and the Santa Fe Depot in Sn Bernardino. There's lots of action in this video and you will love it!


Railfanning BNSF and MRL in Montana including some BN Green.

Although i couldn't remember what the day was like, i went to the Amtrak Station in Tacoma in hopes of seeing something nice like an average railfanning day, well my guess is that things went a little over expected. An ex Southern Pacific Patched AC4400 rounded the curve leading, I got the crew to give me a few short blasts and a bit of classic mid 90's bell. He then stopped at Reservation for unknown reasons... But, we did manage to get a few mainline BNSF Trains and an ex BN SD60M switching with a geep at the yard, maybe for Crew 2 or Job 360 (I don't know). But there you have it, fallen flags from UP and BNSF in one video. Enjoy!



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