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February brought a couple nasty storms to the Tehachapi area so I decided to go up and see how much snow one of them brought down.

Amtrak Southwest Chief trains 3 and 4 passing the Searchlights and Semaphores along BNSF's Raton and Glorietta Subdivisions.


Enjoy the interesting history of Santa Fe steam locomotive 2926, and see its exciting restoration to full operation by the skilled volunteers of the New Mexico Steam Locomotive & Railroad Historical Society. Click on www.2926.us to learn more. Then please click on HOW TO HELP to become a Member, starting at only $29.26. If 1,000 friends help, the $29,260 will finish a tremendous amount of work, and greatly speed 2926's return to steam!

If you like 2926, please help now, get fire in her boiler, and see an updated video on YouTube. It's tax deductible, and every penny goes to Santa Fe 2926's restoration. And THANK YOU to our friends who have joined recently!



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