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The Galloping Goose is pretty much what makes the RGS famous. In late February, Goose #5 was on the Durango and Silverton, so I figured I'd go see it. I went to 5 locations but 4 are shown due to a shortage of time to get camera set up at one spot. In addition, I didn't wait for it to return due to a family event. In addition, there is a bonus shot of DRGW K-28 #473 pulling it's train to Cascade Canyon in the snow near Rockwood. There is a nice chuffing sound included.


What an interesting day. A Grain Train broke a knuckle just as I arrived at Chambers Bay. it took almost 2 hours to set aside the bad order on a MoW Spur, and re-assemble the train.
 While that was going on, train traffic continued as usual. Trains such as the PASVBT Manifest and EVEROO Trash Train passed through the control point, alongside the crippled grain train.
They would eventually re-assemble the grain train, and it would finish it's journey to Interbay Yard.

Only two scheduled trains a day pass the iconic Semaphore signals along BNSF's Glorieta & Raton Subdivisions, they are Amtrak's EB and WB Southwest Chief. Part 1 of 2 includes two days of chasing between Santa Fe, NM and Colmor, NM.



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