Here is a special one of something a lot of railfans kept a close eye on. This is part of the system wide tour that UP4141 and UP1943 went on together after the George Bush funeral train so that employees could get an in person look at the unique UP4141 unit.

I was lucky enough to have the chance to chase the train that took them to Portland from Roseville mostly in Northern California. This was a Roseville to Hinkle manifest which dropped them off in Portland to stay for a few days since it was one of the stops on their journey. Here are the locations of this chase:

0:06 Cantera Loop

1:05 Black Butte (They picked up two cars from the CORP at this location which is why you see the power apart from the train)

2:20 Grass Lake

3:46 Mount Hebron

4:45 They cross from California to Oregon right on that curve in the cut

5:56 Midland, just South of Klamath Falls

It was a blast to see other railfan friends out during the chase. It's too bad neither of them were leading the train but to see UP4141 on the move was a once in a lifetime opportunity since it will be retired after the end of the tour.

All footage taken from a DJI Phantom 4.