This is a re-re-upload of a video I re-uploaded in December 2017 but was never made available at the 4K resolution it was uploaded as. I'm not sure how YouTube screw this up but after 5 days I decided to delete and re-upload. Since the video was re-uploaded and available in 4K something happened and the video was no longer available in 4K. I sent two messages to YouTube about it but got no response and after several weeks I finally deleted the re-upload and did a re-re-upload which, for the moment, is available in 4K. Keeping my finger crossed it won't somehow be down rez'd again.

In this video I follow a Union Pacific train heading eastbound as it crosses the Green River and then continues into and through the train yard in the city of Green River Wyoming. This was filmed in early December 2017 and as you can see there is already a thin layer of snow in places as well as ice in the river. It was at or below freezing this day and it was also quite windy which made getting good audio a problem.

This stretch of UP rail line is almost 150 years old and predates the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad by about a year. When the Union Pacific reached this are in 1868 they had planned to put the local headquarters and division point (rail yard) in Green River, but when they got there they discovered that speculators had bought up much of the prime real-estate and UP, not wanting to pay the elevated prices, decided to built there headquarters and division point a dozen miles further west at a town they created and called "Bryan".

But, in 1872 the Black Forks River, which was there water supply at Bryan, dried up after a prolonged drought and the UP had no choice but to pack up and move everything to Green River -- they are there to this day.

In this video I fly my drone, a DJI Phantom 4 Pro, across the Green River and approach the north western edge of the city of Green River but I stay north and west of the railroad bridge over the Green. I did this because the local airport, known as the "Greater Green River Intergalactic Spaceport" (I'm not kidding!), has its 5 miles exclusion zone that extends just beyond the bridge so I stayed away from it.