Filmed in the Arizona desert between Maricopa and Gila Bend in an area known to rail fans as Shawmut. One of my favorite places along the Sunset Route I was able to get another perspective of heavy intermodal rail traffic of the Union Pacific.

Filmed on October 31, 2015 on a borrowed DJI Inspire Drone. Finally two years later I edit it and share it October 31, 2017.

The Lake Superior and Ishpeming Railroad's Ore Dock has stood above the waters of Lake Superior for over a hundred years, serving as the gateway to the steel mills for ore from the Marquette Iron Range.

With 200 pockets, this classic gravity-drop pocket dock has served its function continuously since it opened, except for the brief winter shutdown when the lakes freeze over.

On a fine mid-October morning, two ships call at the dock: the Tug Victory and barge James Kruber, and the Lee A Tregrutha. The back-to-back ships provide a great look at the dock's operations, as the 7 Dock-Hill job is also on duty to help reload the dock, with more ships due within the next 36 hours.

In this video, you'll see how ships berth at the dock and take on their load of iron ore. From dumping the ore into the dock to raising and lowering the chutes, it's all here as both the LS&I and Ship crews work to keep the iron ore flowing.

LS&I 7 Dock-Hill & Ore Dock Action
- James L Kuber & Tug Victory departing
- Lee A Tregurtha arriving and loading iron ore
- LS&I 7 Dock-Hill w/ CEFX 1003 [AC44CW] & CEFX 1012 [AC44CW]
- LS&I Marquette Ore Dock, Marquette, MI, on 14 Oct 2017 from 09:04 to 10:42 EDT

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